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 What are the core objects in the system and how do they relate? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

Below, some of the main objects in the system and their relationships are described

Knowledge Base Images/Other/entity-diagram.jpg


Read the diagram as follows:

  • Companies can have zero or more users  (contacts / employees)
  • Users can be associated / assigned-to zero or one company
  • Companies can have zero or more contracts (normally called service contracts)
  • A contract have zero or one SLA assigned to it
  • A SLA have one or more SLA targets (the SLA targets define the rules/goals i.e. "targets" for the SLA)
  • A contract can cover one or more services / products / components
  • An issue is always stored in the context of a project / workspace at a time (but can be moved between them)
  • A project has at least one project member
  • A user can be assigned-to / have-access-to zero or more projects / workspaces
  • Issues / cases / tickets can be associated with one or more users (owner, reporter, creator and so on)


In addition to these core objects and relationships there also many others in the system.

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