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How to set up and maximise your custom board.

A custom board is a great way to structure your project and get a clear view of the different phases of the workprocess and where different issues are in relation to this..
To set up a custom board:

1. Go to the project you want to create a custom board for - Issues- View: Custom board.


 Custom board start


2. Board configuration. 

Here it is possible to add the selection to be shown on the board. Just as with searches you can add a range of different chioces depending on your need. It's also possible to add multiple Boards, to fit different views. One can for example be fpr developers, another one for customer support. You add more boards on the "New board" button. 


Custom board configuration



3. Add lane.

The lanes often represents the different phases in the workprocess and can be added to give more structure and visibility within the project. 


Custom board add lane


4. Drag n drop

When you're done with the configuration of your board you see where all the issues are in the workprocess. To change this, if for example an issue goes from "Unassigned" to System test", you can drag and drop it to the appropriate ane. To be able to do this you need to belong to a user group with the right permission.
You can also rank issues in a lane by right clicking the issue and choosing "Rank" - To Top or To bottom


Custom board drag and drop


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