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These are the latest changes made in the system since the release of VisionFlow 13.0



+ A checkbox has been added so that the user themselves can choose if the links added in General should be open as a new browser tab or within the system.  


User interface

+ We have started to roll out upgrades to out user interface. The user interface will undergo a transformation step by step and by the end of 2019 it will be completely updated. The new user interface will be faster, require less memory and have a more modern look and feel with "flat" design. Initially the changes will not be noticed by our normal users since we will also keep our classic look and feel, but to see some examples of how it will look in the future you can follow the steps below:

  • Go to VisionFlow and login to your normal account (if you have an installed version 13.0.65 or earlier you need to test this in the hosted version or wait until installed 13.0.66 is released)
  • Copy and paste the following link into the address field:
  • Click on General --> Settings, open any of the pages below:
    • General --> General links
    • Issue configuration --> Severity
    • Issue configuration --> Urgency
    • Issue configuration --> Priority

Issue management

+ Tag popup dialog have been improved so it is possible to search for and easily add tags

+ Split-issue function, to make it easy to break incoming emails up into multiple issues. It is common that customers send in multiple bug reports or service requests into one email. This new function makes it easy to split these up into multiple issues.

+ The text editor for the  description field, comments and email reply text ares have been updated and now allows you to copy paste images directly into them. It also allows you to resize and crop the images. 


Mobile app

+ It is now even easier to add an issue from the mobile app since an "Add new issue" button has been added to the Filter section as a complement to the previous one in Projects.

+ When only having access to one project this project automatically opens up when choosing "Projects"

+ Spam function is now available in mobile app which means it is easy to remove a spam issue, the connected user and block the email for future emails


Web service API

+ The web service API has been updated and customers that integrate with VisionFlow should to upgrade to the latest version "13.0" to make sure the integration works properly


History and Traceability

+ There is now a setting called "Log deleted issues" in General - Settings - Other configurations - Logging. This allows for deleted issues to be logged and shown in the Recent activity portlet.

+ Logging of events has been extended to now also include Issue types and Issue statuses. This means greater transparency and traceability since changes made in Issue type or Issue status can be clearly connected to the user and the time the changes were made. 


Project management

+ Previously it wasn't possible to drag n drop issues in the Kanban board unless your user group had read/write access to the Global rank field. You could change the issues placement directly in the issue though with a Read access, making the inability to drag issues directly illogical. This has been improved so that user groups that has a Read access now can change placement both in the issue and directly in the lanes.    

+ If an issue or task is updated so that the new date is later than the project deadline a warning message is shown so that the user is aware that the new date exceeds the deadline.

+ The personal choice one makes for filtering on Status is now also saved and presented as default, together with the previous settings for i.e filtering on Project.


Cost management

+ Total sum showing quantity x price for example is now added below the item price field in the pop-up cost/expenses.

+ On Expenses a new unit field has been added where units such as m2, m3, kg, cm, m etc can be added for better clarification. 



+ The import limit  on CI's which was previously set to 25000 but is now removed and any number of CI's can be imported.

+ A context menu has been added giving the user shortcuts to "Add child node", "Add release", "Add new issue", "Copy node" and "Export product data". 

+ A link to Product has been added in the product table on contract, allowing easier access to product. 

+ Icons has been added to the fields "Owner" and "Used by" to easier get access to the user profiles as well as get better consistency throughout the system.  

+ A new predefined expense type called Product/Asset has been added and can be activated in General Settings - Expense Settings - Expense types.

+ When exporting the number of CI's available in the table is now increased from 1000 to 5000. This means the export can include all items and doesn't have to be divided into smaller amounts exported multiple times.


User Management

+ When exporting user information it is now also possible to export the user groups stated as "Other user groups" on the user account. This means a more complete view of the users belongings and permissions.

+ In the tab Project access there is now also a column for Project Category to better show what kind of project it is.


Company Management

+ Speed to load issues on the "Issues tab" has greatly been improved


Document Management

+ Removal of documents has been improved. Instead of removing them immediately they are now removed from the user interface and put in a special category which is then emptied later. For the users this means all looks and behaves as usual but the system doesn't get overloaded with requests in the same manner, creating less deadlocks.

+ Improved document search and indexing capability, this includes search on contract documents and text in these documents (all common file formats are supported, including office files and PDFs)


Email Ticket Management

+ The system now remembers which issue fields were chosen the last time the user made an export from the project. This means that the next time that user do an export from that project the same issue field will be chosen as a default, speeding up the export process. 

+ The issue list has been improved regarding sub-issues. When expanding sub-issues using the +icon in the table header all issues with sub-issues are expanded. If all issues with sub-issues are manually expanded or collapsed the icon mirrors that. The latest state of the sub-issues are also remembered for next time.

+ The hovering popup showing a thumb nail of the issue in issue list has been improved. In Firefox this could previously cause problem since the pictures where shown in full size, taking up too much space. It has been regulated to always keep the same size as the popup window and not being in the way for the cursor.

+ When clicking on the "i"-icon at the user fields a new function can be found. An icon has been added for "Issues created by the user" which opens a new tab containing all issues created by that user.

+ There is now a button added to force fetching of emails so that the user no longer has to wait until the next default run of the system.

+ The Product issues portlet stopped working properly a short while, not showing any results. This has been fixed and the portlet now displays the correct search results.

+ It is now faster to load the "Reply to email" page, thanks to the history not being fetched simultaneously with the edit email-window. This means the function the user needs is presented first and the issue history is presented second.

+ New email processing parse rules to make it easy to integrate with other systems by creating users based on content in emails

+ Email templates can now be added directly in "Send email" menu for quick access by setting the "Add templates to the send email menu" checkbox

+ Email reply templates can now be formatted in html (rich text). 

+ Search function for email reply templates

+ Support for self-signed SSL certificates for outgoing email (SMTP) server (installed version)

+ New email processing rule action to set owner on an issue

+ New email processing rule action to set owner group on an issue


Knowledge Base

+ The subscription functionality has been greatly improved and now allows for the user to subscribe themselves and other users, with the right permissions of course, as well as see a list of all subscribers to that article.


Rule engine

+ It's now possible to use blank dates in the Due date field in rules, alerts and advanced searches. This means that you for example can search for all issues missing a due date, or create alerts if an issue is missing a due date.

+ Paging is now also used in the issue field Reporter making it consistent with the behaviour in Alerts and Searches.

+ It is now possible to use new, custom notification templates in rules. See here for more info...


Installed version

+ Support for Java 7 is soon coming to an end, in January 2018. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest Java 8 JDK on your application servers as soon as possible if you haven't done so already


+ Improved stability in chat module, sometimes you get an error message when you log in, this has been fixed.

+ Permission for "Select existing user on the account" stopped working temporarily but is now fixed and running as usual.

+ Removed issues wasn't updated in the table view, but this push functionality has been fixed and now reflects the status of the issue.

+ There were problems importing users through Excel but this has been handled and import/export now works as intended. 

+ If wanting to add a user as a reporter using "Select existing user on the account" not all users would be presented and would vary in the different projects. This is corrected and now all users are presented regardless of project.

+ When registering a user not previously registered to a company through the "user information" icon the changes was not saved. This has been fixed and the company registered in this step is now saved and connected to the user. 

+ Folder functionality in issues has been improved. Earlier one could not delete folders once they were attached in an issue, but now they can be edited and deleted. A clear error message is also shown so that the user doesn't remove folders or documents in the folder by mistake.

+ There were some problems with the Companies page relating paginating, export and filtering but these have been solved and the page and its functions now works as normal.

+ The Affected release field would previously not search for previous releases when the user edited the field. The search functionality in this field now works as intended.

+ When using the setting "Use only work date and time spent" and having users in different time zones this could previously cause  work log problems. This has been fixed and work logs now display the correct time in relation to the user extracting them. 

+ The error message when deleting an issue status has been improved not stating clearly that it cannot be removed if active and in use.

+ When using Dutch as our locale the reporter field would not load correctly. This has been fixed and all locales works as intended.

+ An unclear error message was shown when assigning one self multiple issues simultaneously. Since this action is fully functional the error message has been removed. 

+ The links between articles in the Knowledge Base changed format causing links to fail users in the support center. The links now have the right format and works for all user groups.  

+ The Due date field in combination with mandatory settings behaved irregularly, sometimes showing the wrong date format. This has now been fixed and the field behaves normally.

+ When adding articles to the Knowledge Base the order sometimes behaved random and placed itself in disorder. This has been fixed and all articles are now placed in the order prescribed.

+ When notifying subscribers that a new KB article was updated or created the article could not be saved simultaneously but this has now been fixed.  

+ The subscription portlet experienced updating issues but it now works to save subscriptions as well as unsubscribe several tickets simultaneously.

+ The links in notification template faultily pointed towards the support center but are now fixed so that the point to the issue at hand.

+ When copying an issue using an issue template the owner of the issue got blanked out. This is fixed and the owner of the copied issue is put as owner of the new issue.

+ The multiupload applet was temporarily out of order but now works as normal. 

+ Attached files containing å ä ö couldn't be opened when using Internet Explorer, but in all other web browsers it worked fine. This was due to new handling of special characters in IE which we have now adapted the code to so that these files can be opened independent of browser type. 

+ Drag n drop stopped working in custom boards but is now working again.

+ Deleting issues on the mobile platform stopped working temporarily but has been fixed and now works as usual.

+ When selecting the calendar options in the Time report and using the web browser Chrome the Project/Companies/Users lists sometime disappeared. This has been fixed and now works as in the other web browsers.

+ The warning text for when two users has the same issue open stopped working temporarily, but is now working as usual. 

+ The Date+Time field disappeared briefly when date was chosen from the calendar. This is now fixed.  

+ There was a problem with the "Email reply" function not taking into account what had been chosen when clicking on for example "Reply to all" but instead presenting the view for "Send email to last contact". This has been fixed and works as planned.

+ The issue link in email notifications became faulty in one version since it displayed the same issue link for support users as well as normal users. This meant the support users couldn't see the issue since they lacked permissions to the account. This has been fixed and all links nor works as they should.

+ Previously when uploading a document the system would translate the spaces between the words as +. This has been fixed and the filename is now displayed as its original name.

+ Pie charts previously fetched information from a different search than the one the report was based on. This is now fixed and both report and pie chart shows the same information.

+ Help texts on custom fields in issues and CMDB are now shown when the user does a mouse-over action.

+ Deleting a document and then adding a document with the same name previously didn't work because the system stored the deleted document and later deleted documents in bulk. This is now taken care of so that documents with the same name can be deleted and uploaded even if the old document is still in the system. 

+ When using Chrome and wanting to open image viewer as a separate tab the tab wouldn't show the actual image. This has been fixed and now works as a planned. 
+ "Edit relationships" on products in CMDB wouldn't load if there were more than 50 sub-items but this now works as it should and reflects all the products available. 

+ Issue templates weren't showed if the project did not have both Product and Product component in the issue field configuration. This is now handled and the templates are shown as they should.

+ When copying a project the parent source didn't get copied to the new project but this is fixed now and all information is copied as it should be.
+ Issue templates were inconsistently viewed in the issue templates list. This has now been improved and the same issue templates are shown in "New issue" as well as in the issue template list.

+ It now works to save when checking and unchecking the "Create new user" checkbox in button rules on Issue configuration.

+ "Add screenshot" in the Attachment tab on issues previously resulted in an empty download for some users but this is fixed and now works as normal for all users. 

+ In Calendar the work exceptions now takes into consideration the difference in time zones. It now displays this so that both the user adding it and the colleague in the different time zone sees the exception relative to their "normal" work schedule.

+ Timer did not start and stop correctly when dragging and dropping tasks/issues in the Kanban board

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