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Normally all suggestions, feature requests and ideas for improvement are added to our product backlog. These features are then ranked depending on how good they are and how many customers ask for them, among other things.


As a customer, you can search for and add ideas in our "idea management" section in the support center, available here:


We try to accommodate our customer's needs as much as possible and usually take all ideas into consideration for upcoming releases. 


We also offer to implement features on a per-hour consulting basis for our customers. This is a way they can make sure a specific feature that is important for them will be implemented right away and that it gets the highest priority for our next upcoming relase. This is a quite popular option by some of our customers.  


This normally works as follows:

  1. A customer ask for a feature that they want to sponsor/finance/pay for
  2. We discuss this feature with the customer and how the customer would like it to work
  3. We discuss the feature internally and how/if it can be implemented in a good way into VisionProject. In some cases features are rejected for different reasons.
  4. The solution will be discussed with the customer along with the rough time-estimate for the feature. All features are paid for by the hour.
  5. The feature will be scheduled into a proper release, normally for the next (not yet started) release
  6. We implement the feature
  7. If questions arise during implementation we clarify this with the customer
  8. Once the feature is implemented we may give the customer access to our test system to try out the new feature (depends on what feature it is)
  9. During the implementation we will keep the customer informed about the number of hours spent and if the initial esimate is exceeded.
  10. When implementation is completed we will invoice the customer for hours spent
  11. The feature will be released

If you are interested in this option, then just contact us on and we can discuss this futher.


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