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How to make booked meeting show minimal information in general calendar.

EWS automatically fetches meeting and shows them in the users calendar. Since the user might have private meetings or not wanting to show delicate information it is possible to hide some or all of the information:

1. Go till Setting-  Integration - EWS. 
2. Choose the current row and Edit.
3. Here it is possible to edit att settings handling visibility and integration of meetings.

  • The setting 'Hide title and description in private items during import' shows the title of the meeting as Booked and the description as Meeting IF the meeting is set to private.
  • The setting 'Replace title to generic during import' replaces the title of the meeting to Booked for all meeting no matter if they're private or not.It does this with all meetings booked in the calendar, and therefore administrators referring to booking will have to refer to a specific meeting by naming the date and time, rather than the title for example.

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