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Contracts can have different statuses, and this is where you manage these.

The benefit of having multiple statuses for contracts is that you    can tailor them to your needs. A contract will have at least two    statuses by default, 'Active' and 'Inactive'.

You need at least one active and one inactive status in use.




You can add a new status by clicking "Add new status".



Set the name and description in the dialogue and then set the rest of   the information in the table. Press "X" to delete a status.


A product status have these fields:

  • Name - The status name.
  • Description - What the status is about
  • In use - If this is checked, the status is currently used for contract.
  • Inactive status - If this is checked, this is an inactive status. Contracts with this status set are inactivated.
  • Order - Determines the order the statuses in the    dropdown list for contract status. Lowest numbers come before higher    ones. Statuses with same numbers are ordered alphabetically.

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