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This is where you edit your work schedules

A work schedule shows the time in which an SLA Target can be 'active'  and trigger. SLA Targets do not trigger in times outside whats defined  in the work schedule they use.


This video shows how easy it is to modify a work schedule.


This page shows a list of the existing work schedules, where you can do several things: 


  • New schedule: Click on the link 'Add new work schedule' in the header to go to the edit schedule page.
  • Edit schedule: Click on the edit icon for the schedule in question to go to the edit schedule page.
  • Copy schedule: Click on the copy icon for the  schedule, to create a new copy of the schedule in question. You will get  a popup where you can enter the new name and description.
  • Delete schedule: Click on the delete icon for the schedule, to remove the work schedule in question 


The edit/add work schedule page consists of two main parts:

  • General - general info for the work schedule. Title, description and time zone. It is important that the time zone in the work schedule can differ from the time zone in the general settings for the account. It is recommended to think about this not to be confused by the SLA alerts and notifications.
  • Schedule - the schedule itself. Every day has its  own section. The opened hours 'A to B' (during which it is possible to  trigger an SLA Target) are set using the dropdown lists. If no SLA  Targets should trigger for the day, select it to be closed using the  radio button.


Press the create/save button to save your schedule.

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