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The hosted cloud version 12.1 of VisionProject will be released on April 9th, 2016.


The most important changes and improvements are listed below

User and company management


+In the Users page, it now works to filter the Users using existing filters as well as creating new ones.  

+A field for an alternative E-mail adress has been added to import/export of User data., 'E-mail, other'. This is also available as a column.

+Additional info/columns has been added to General settings -> User Settings -> Log-in/out log. IP number, Web browser, OS and Device are now available as columns.  

The Browser column also shows user agent information when hovering over the cell  and the Device column shows what kind of device is being used per example Computer, Mobile, Tablet.  

+On project -> Users it is possible to see which user has the setting "Show assigned issues only"

+The Issue tab in Customer Information is now improved with better handling of Grouping/Sorting on Customfields, clearing of the issues grid when changing CI and improvement of loading speed.  

+The system now remembers what sorting and columns that should be shown in the table in the company information dialog.  

+In the User grid columns special characters are now shown also.


Issue / case management


+When the 'Source direction' and 'Issue created by' fields are changed on an issue the changes are also updated on the refrerence issue if there is one.  

+ It is now possible to choose the action 'Choose parent' directly on issue.

+A new action called Rank has been added to the context menu. This actions will rank issues to top or bottom within a project or sprint (if set)

+Issue rules to set value is now working as planned  

+The Issues tab on Customer Information has been improved and only does a Count SQL query instead of getting all the issue objects back. If the number of CIs involved is more than 500 though the programme doesn't do a count until the Issues tab is opened.  

+The Kanban board now has an improved filter row for owner group called 'Group' as a filter criteria.  


Email ticket system


+A dialog box for "Add user to email" has been added on the send email page  

+Email processing rules has been changed so that parsing value from email works as planned  

+When replaying to a certain mail within a mail thread the specific mail gets responded to, intead of as previously the most recent one in the thread. 

+It is now possible to email all users or certain types for the contracts that are selected.


Team calendar


+The system shows a warning when a meeting is scheduled but the start date or end date aren't specified. 




+The quick search filters are now sorted alphabetically.  


Product/Asset/Service Management (CMDB/Configuration Item management)


+The UsedBy field on the Customer I now  loads faster.

+When exporting Config items the custom fields now checks the CMDB module instead of the CRM module  


Knowledge Base


+KB articles now have version management in the same way as project and issue documents, where a Versions-link is implemented to the right of Save. Each time a KB article is alterned and saved it will be shown here as a version.  


Contract management


+It is now possibble to use email templates anywhere on contract as well as licences.  

+The update of Service Level Agreement is improved to avoid excessive database calls




+The report now shows the number of calls and answered calls all users within sales have done.


Support Center


+Implement support for Single Sign On (SSO) on windows is now in place  


User chat


+It now works properly to have multiple chat rooms active simultaneously

+A warning is now shown if the chat server is not connected when the user tries to send chat message. 


Installed on-premise version


+ For the chat module (and push messages) to work with this version it is required to upgrade the Tigase service on your server to 7.0.3 available here:  


!!! It is also important that you upgrade  to Tomcat 7 and from Java 6 to Java 7 if you haven't done so already !!! VisionProject is not supported on Java 6 or Tomcat 6. 




+The code for role permissions is checked so that it is no longer possible to delete companies without having permission to do so.  

+There is no longer an problem opening an issue via IssueHistory report if the project tab is already open 

+When applying templates to an existing issue the checkboxen ticked in the template are also copied to the issue. 

+The grouping problem in portlets is now fixed

+The popup window displaying KB-links in the support center is now fully working again 

+It is no longer possible to faultily add an Action button type to the custom fields for Company, Contract, User, Projects and Config item.  

+Active copy with comments are now copied and mirrors the original message as planned 

+When creating an issue and having an issue rule on creating status the issue now receives the status as planned  

+Applying issue template no longer truncates description 




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