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 How can I troubleshoot disk IO performance? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

The easiest way to troubleshoot disk IO performance problems is to run an IO test.


There are many tools available for this but we recommend:


You can also find more IO testing tools here: and here:


To live up to server requirements you need high performance hard drives on your VisionFlow servers, especially on the database and SAN server, at least 100 MB/s but preferably faster. 


For database IO tests it is better to use another tool than CrystalDiskMark since the database uses really small data chunk sizes. SQL Server does a lot of random stuff in 8KB chunks, and 64KB chunks. Instead there are better tools for IO testing the database. Here is some more information:


If you need help interpreting the disk IO data you can send them along to our support team. 

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