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Custom fields to add fields to use on issues

Sometimes you need to have some additional fields on your issues that does not exist in the system by default. The list is, by default, empty and will only contain the fields that you wish to use in different projects. The fields created will be possible to use in different projects, as configured in the Issue Field Configurations.


You create the custom fields here: General -> Settings -> Ticket configuration -> Custom fields.



On this page you can do several things with custom fields:

  • Create a new custom field by clicking on "Add new custom field", which will open a popup where you can enter values for   your new custom field (see picture below).
  • Delete a custom field cby clicking on the red "X" icon in the table, for the given custom field.
  • Edit by clicking on the edit icon for the given custom field, and enter values in the popup. Click Submit to save your changes.



Custom fields can be created of different types:


  • Text field: For text values.
  • Select list: This is for fields with a limited set   of choices. You will get a box where you can enter text in multiple   rows. Each row will map to one choice. For example, if the only possible   values for your field are 'Blue', 'Green' or 'Red', then you enter   these values on three rows. Then only one of those options are possible   to select when setting the field.
  • Yes/No: This is for fields that only can be set to yes or no.
  • Date field: For dates. (This will be formatted according to the options set in your preferences.)
  • Date + Time field: As date field, but also includes time field. 
  • Multi select list: Multiple options possible from a limited set of selections, otherwise similar to Select list above.
  • User (No support users): Choose from all non-support users in the project.
  • User (With support users): Choose from all users in the project, including the support users. 
  • Company: Choose one company defined on the account.
  • Configuration Item:  Choose a Configuration Item (items in the Products module).   When creating the custom field, you choose a Configuration item node (including   the root). You can then select from all its child nodes when setting   value for the issue field. You also select what type of Configuration Items that will be shown (one or all). Since version 7.2, this custom field type allows for selecting multiple configuration items. Before that, it was single select only.
  • URL:This field contains an URL pointing to a website. When the field is clicked, it opens up the site in a new tab inside VisionProject. 
  • Integer number: This field can be a positive or negative integer.
  • Decimal number: This field is a decimal number, positive or negative.
  • Information text: This field is not a real data field, but contains text that should be shown to the user on the issue, for information purposes. This is mainly used to add text explaining how to use another issue field (usually the field next to the info text).



Add text areas (text boxes) 


If you want to add new text areas to an issue. You can do this below the description field. However, this is handled a bit differently compared to other fields described above. You can split up the description field into multiple fields. You do this on the Issue Type by:

  • Go to General Settings --> Issue Cofiguration --> Issue Types
  • Click on the Edit icon for the issue type you want to add a field for
  • At the bottom of the popup window you need to click "Add new textarea"
  • Also click the checkbox "The textareas below should be shown in separate textareas in Edit issue"
  • Click save

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