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This page allows you to edit the issue statuses available in your account/company.

The list shows all issue statuses available to you at a company/account level.  VisionProject have a group of statuses available as a default  (New, Verified, Assigned...), but if you have made some custom issue statuses, they will appear here as well.

In every project, you can choose which issue statuses to use, from this list. A  project can use all, a few or even just one status. That set up is made  by a project administrator in the project settings.

On this page you can do several things with issue statuses:

  • Create a new status by clicking on "Add new issue status", which will open a popup where you can enter values for your new status (see picture below).
  • Delete a status by clicking on the red "X" icon in the table, for the given status.
  • Edit a status by clicking on the edit icon for the given status, and enter values in the popup. Click Submit to save your changes.



  • In the top section, you change Name, Description and Order (sorting order as integer value).          
    •  Tip: space  out the numbers on custom statuses, so you can insert a status between  two existing ones, if needed (This is why the default ones have values  of 10, 20 etc).
  • In the middle section you change how the status will appear when working with it.          
    • Icon: clicking on "Change" will result in a popup icon chooser, where you can select a new icon.

    • Background, Foreground - these fields control the appearance of the status in the list. The  values have to be entered in 6 digit hexadecimal RGB code, meaning each  group is a value from 00 to FF. Some sample colors are (#000000=black,  #FFFFFF=white, #FF00000=Red, #00FF00=green, #0000FF=blue,  #FFFF00=yellow You can read more about web colors here)
    • Display mode - whether the status is shown with name only, icon only, or name + icon.
  • The lower section manages how the status should be handled in the system. This is very useful, since a status should be managed as one status in for example reports, but in detail be shown as another. 
    • Is a Closed status - Several statuses might have the closed flag, not just completed issues.
    • Special flags - Statuses might have one of the special flags (New status, assigned  status, ready for verification status, completed status) which affect  how the status is handled in the system, no matter what the status is  actually called.
    • Start timer, Stop timer - these flags are used with the Issue timer function, if used. Setting an issue to a status which have the "Start timer" flag, will cause the issue timer to start ticking. Setting the issue to a status with a "Stop timer" flag stops the timer and may prompt you to enter data in a work-log, depending on which setting is used.

Special flag information

When an issue is saved with status equal to the Special flag  'New status' and the Developer has been set, the issue status will be  set to the status with the Special flag 'Assigned status'.        

For an issue with status equal to the Special flag 'Ready for verification status' an information message will be displayed on the  Edit issue page specifying from which sprint the issue has been 'Ready  for verification'.        

An issue with the status equal to the Special flag 'Completed'  will have a line through the issue key in the Calendar view, e.g. PROJKEY-123

The time that an issue is in a status with the 'in progress' flag is gathered to be the total time in progress for an issue.


When an issue is in a "Closed" status, it is considered everywhere in the system where gathering of information for amount of closed issues, for example in the "Closed issues trend chart" in the dashboard.



Note: At a minimum you must have one status with the Special flag  'New status' and one status with the Special flag 'Closed status'.  The other statuses are optional.


This means that you cannot remove the flag 'New status' from a status just by unchecking it and saving - the flag is greyed out. At least one status must have this flag. You have to set the flag on another status instead - then it will be gone from the first status. 


It works the same with the  'Completed status' flag. You cannot remove the last 'Completed status' flag directly from a status. You have to set the flag on another status, so that there is at least one status with the flag. Then you can remove the flag from the first status.


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