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This is where you configure your general system settings

Add your company name, what time zone you are in and the language you wish to work with and click Save to save the information.



Time zone: This list actually contains a mix of places and pure time zones.


A place looks like this : "Europe/London (0)". This is modified by daylight savings time.


A pure timezone is like this: "(0) GMT". This is not modified by daylight savings time.


This can cause problem in a situation like this: The account is set to a pure timezone like (0) GMT, (+1) CET or similar, and the time differs during daylight savings time with 1 hour.


Or, the system is set to a pure timezone like +1CET, and users with personal timezone setting using a place like (+1 Europe/Stockholm) will see a difference of 1 hour in the system.


We recommend using the places in the time zone selection (named like continent/city), as these handles daylight savings time.




Default locale: This is the language setting used in the system. It can be overridden by a user's own locale.


After changing the Default locale, choose to reload the system when asked the question. The language used will now be changed throughout VisionProject. (With some exceptions.)


Changing Default locale


Sample screenshot from VisionProject.


Note: When changing locale, the system tries to translate the names of issue fields etc (which are stored in the database) for the Default configuration. If you have customised the names of the fields, those will not be changed. The "translation" of field names only goes from default names in one language to default names in the other language, and only for the Default issue field configuration.


Read more about translation in this KB article.

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