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 What happens if email ticket system fails to fetch emails? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info


If there is a problem with the email ticket system VisionFlow will send an email to the "Error email" specified in the email ticket system. This way you can see what the reason for the errors are.


A copy of the email that could not be imported is also placed in the "Documents" --> "Mail" --> "Error" to make sure it doesn't get lost. From time to time it is recommended that this folder is cleared. 


The "Email for errors" setting is mandatory to specify in the ticket system, if there is an error this will be sent to this email address.


Please note that if there is an error when fetching emails, VisionFlow will try again and again for 2 days, but after this the ticket system will shut down automatically. 


We recommend that you talk to your the system manager or service provider for your email server if you receive email errors frequently.

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