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The hosted cloud version 12.0 of VisionProject will be released on February 6th, 2016.


The most important changes and improvements are listed below



+ New enterprise version of installed on-premise version for large customers having need to run their own private multi-tennant cloud version for different departments or subsidiaries

+ Improved installer for on-premise version to keep all custom settings

+ Added support for the Danish and Dutch languages


User and company management

+ Improved "Add users selector"

+ Company permissions on user level for increased flexibility and segmentation for security

+ User list is sorted server side


Issue / case management

+ New "Document template export" function, to export issue data into document templates (word/excel). Great to use for exporting price quotes, printing labels etc. Read more

+ Make it possible to set default values for source field 

+ New issue link type "Caused by"

+ Automatic suggestion of related KB articles to issues, if support center is used

+ Number of custom fields have been increased to 55

+ SLA should trigger directly when creating an issue, not only when saving

+ New action to set parent task/issue 


Email ticket system

+ Improved handling of Office365

+ New email parsing rule for reporters (contact persons)


Team calendar

+ Improved two-way integration with Outlook (EWS) 



+ Improved sorting for filters


Project management

+ When copying a project start and stop dates for Sprints/phases are now adjusted due to weekends


Product/Asset/Service Management (CMDB/Configuration Item management)

+ Improved performance for loading values for CI to guarantee that status and parent CI is set


Knowledge Base

+ New subscription functionality Read more


Contract management

+ Contract numbers needs to be unique 

+ Make it possible to email users of certain group from a contract


Document management

+ Java applets have removed for security reasons and limited support in some web browsers, Java Web Start is used instead



+ Improve performance in FF if chat / push is enabled

+ Make it possible to double-click to select a product directly



+ Improved Issue history report

+ New issue escalation report Read more


Installed on premise version


!!! It is  important that you upgrade  to Tomcat 7 and from Java 6 to Java 7 if you haven't done so already !!! VisionProject is not supported on Java 6 or Tomcat 6. 



+ Users on contracts does not always show

+ Send SMS action is visible on issues even though SMS is not used

+ The log for log-in/out control was sometimes showing empty companies

+ License number count check improved for LDAP / AD (On premise version)

+ Error message when creating work log if setting "Use start and end date/time" is used

+ Dashboard/recent activity showed changes in IFC even for users that do not have access to account settings

+ Problem with html lists in incoming email, looks strange sometimes

+ Opening contract from the Company-contract tab does not always select the contract in the grid

+ And a couple of other minor bug fixes

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