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 How can I add an issue field to an issue? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

The issue field configuration used on a project determines which issue fields is available on the project.


It also determines which user groups can read or edit the fields.


So, you cannot add an issue field directly to a single issue, but you have to change the settings for the issue field configuration.


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif See the article 'Customize your issue fields in the Issue Fields Configuration'.


(To edit issue field configuration requires you to have correct access to the account settings. )


Make sure that it is not a permission problem, that you have access to the field.


If the field is not present in the correct issue field configuration, then add it. Remember that this will add the field to all projects using that issue field configuration!


In that case, you might want to create a copy of the issue field configuration, rename and edit the copy by adding the issue field, and then set the project in question to use the new/copied issue field configuration.

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