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The hosted cloud version 11.4 of VisionProject was released on November 26th, 2015.


User and company management

+ Add a log to see when users log in and out of the system for security reasons

+ Email should not be mandatory in user import functionality 


Email ticket system

+ New processing rule to parse and extract values from emails, for integration purposes with other systems via email

+ Minor adjustment to be able to handle all Office 365 IMAP folders. Please note that this also makes the "IMAP folder" name case sensitive in some cases

+ Fix problems with inline images from hotmail ( 

+ Send SMS from issue/tickets to persons with mobile phone numbers


Product/Asset/Service Management (CMDB/Configuration Item management)

+ New scheduled job to fetch database information, including size and collation

+ Make it possible to publish all issues/tickets forservices to service owners/managers in the support center


Contract management

+ New setting/option to make contracts inactive when due date is passes on them



+ Make it possible to open multiple issues/tasks in new tabs in grids in dashboard by multi selecting then and using "context menu" 

+ Issues of same type can only be merged, clarify this in user interface



Default values for source field



Upload document into project documents wsing Web Service API

+ Add Modified date to objects in the Web Service API

+ Dates are decreased by one day when exporting if time zone difference 


Installed on premise version


+ Integration with Netsite to automatically import CI's

+ Integration with SCOM  to automatically import CI's

+ Integration with SCOM  to manually be able to transfer Alerts into VisionProject


!!! It is  important that you upgrade  to Tomcat 7 if you are using Tomcat 6. It is also important that you upgrade from Java 6 to Java 7 if you haven't done so already !!! VisionProject is not supported on Java 6 or Tomcat 6. 


Bug Fixes

+ Fix splash screen inconsistencies

+ Fix problem in quick search for open projects selection

+ Fix problem with meeting cancellations that aren't always sent out to attendees on cancel/close/remove meeting

+ Fix the available time calculations in version page vs project Planning Board, somtimes they are not the same

+ Minor fix of design problem in subscription report

+ Description in tickets vanish if you have readOnly access to description

+ Folder check in IMAP fails with NullPointerException sometimes

+ Error when accessing the Forum sometimes

+ It should not be possible to link sub-issues from another project

+ Sprint filter on issues tab in planning board does not always work

+ Some users connected to a contract does not show

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