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The hosted cloud version 11.3 of VisionProject was released on September 10th, 2015.


User and company management

+ Hide companies on search and project if no permission to see companies

+ New permission for "Select company user on issue"

+ Improvements in user import to make it more robust and easy to use


Issue / case management

+ SMS reminders on issues/tasks


Email ticket system

+ Status as new variable in mailtemplates on issues

+ Improve the Recipients field on Issue/ticket to include all persons that has been included on issue/ticket at any time 


Settings / configuration

+ Make it possible to configure SMS notifications

+ New issue rule to check if one value is higher or lower than another

+ New fields on issue field configuration to show when last change was done

+ Log for changes in ssue field configuration and visualize this in recent activity log (if user have permission to see these changes)



Product/Asset/Service Management (CMDB/Configuration Item management)

+ New field on CI: Created date

+ New field on CI: Modified date

+ Performance improvements



+ Improve the functionality to make it easier to add/change project access for multiple users


Installed on premise version


!!! It is  important that you upgrade  to Tomcat 7 if you are using Tomcat 6. It is also important that you upgrade from Java 6 to Java 7 if you haven't done so already !!! VisionProject is not supported on Java 6 or Tomcat 6. 



+ A couple of minor bug fixes

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