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 What ports needs to be opened between servers for VisionFlow to work? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

Please note that the ports you need to open depends on what system configuration you have chosen.


If you only have one server for everything you normally only need to worry about opening the ports in you firewall, but the ports listed below can be useful if you have set up a clustered environment and/or need to limit access between servers in your 


  • Through firewall: 80 and 443 for HTTP and HTTPS
  • From proxy to application servers: 8080 and 8082
  • From application server to database: Port 1433 for MSSQL server and 3306 for MySQL (Default ports)
  • From application server to SAN/NAS: Port 137, 139, 139 and 445 for CIFS, 
  • From application servers to LDAP/AD: 389 or 386 (this may vary depending on your AD/LDAP configuration)
  • From Application servers to Tigase: 5222
  • Between Application servers: Port 45564, 4000 and 45567 for Multicast (needs to be activated in your network)
  • Between tigase servers (cluster):  ?????

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