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This report shows the number of issues per issue source in the time interval.

This has now been folded into the new Issue distribution report!


To see the distribution on issue source, select "Source" in the  "Distribution on:" dropdown. 

Then select a project, company(optional), chart type(optional, defaults to pie chart) and the time interval (using the  'show last' combo or the From-To date fields), and click the OK button.


Pie chart: This will show a pie chart showing the number of issues by their sources in the time interval.

Below comes a table showing all issues in the time span, including their source data.


An issue source tells you how an issue was created, or from where it originated.

The current source types are as follows:

  • Normal - The issue was created in the system by a normal user (not a support user) which was logged in.
  • Email - The issue was created in the email ticket system by someone who sent e-mail to the email address for that ticket system (This is usually someone mailing a question to the support mail for a project)
  • Support Center - The issue was created in the system by a support user logged in to a support center portal for a project.
  • Simple Form - The issue was created by someone filling in and posting a 'Simple form' HTML webform. (This can be used to make support users report issues from another system/website than VisionProject)
  • Webservice - The issue was created by a call through the web service API. (This can also be used to create VisionProject issues from another system)
  • Phone - This is available as an alternative to Normal in the system. The system can be set up to allow you to choose values for the Issue Source field when creating issues. This makes it possible to create an issue for a phone call by selecting Phone instead of Normal.
  • Chat - The issue was created by a chat request, such as from the customer support chat.
  • Walk in - The issue was created in the system by a normal user, but represents someone talking to the issue creator in a physical meeting. For example, if you are manning a support desk, and a customer walks up with a problem, and you report it for the customer.


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