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With service contracts you can document and manage what products and services you deliver to a customer (or end users) and what Service Levels you offer to them for these products or services. 


By using contracts in the VisionProject you can also handle advanced Service Level Management (SLM) efficiently.


You do this by following the steps below:

  • Create contracts for your customers. A customer can either be a company outside your organization or a department inside your organization. 
  • Set the correct start and stop date for the period when the contacts are valid. These dates will be visible in the calendar
  • Set the customer company that the contract applies to
  • Add the services or products that you deliver to your customer
  • Assign the correct Service Level to this contract (Set the SLA). This could for example be GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE, but is completely up to you


You can define different Service Levels and Targets in the system (See SLA Settings for detailed instructions) that you can track and measure inside the system. Then by assigning 

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