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The hosted cloud version 11.0 of VisionProject was released on 3rd of March 2015

During October 2014 we started with continuous delivery of features and improvements in the cloud/SAAS version of VisionProject. The majority of the functionality below was released between January and March for our cloud/SAAS customers into the live environment without any downtime. 


The functionality below is now also available in the installed on-premise server version. 


User and company management


Issue / case management

+ Improvements to the Save option menu on the Edit Issue page, and its hovertext.

+ The "choose issue type" dialog in the "New issue" wizard is skipped if the project only has one issue type.

+ The issue history viewer dialog now shows the description as well as the issue history, making it easier to follow email conversations



Email ticket system

+ Processing rules - New option to parse text in email subject or body, and then perform an action, including setting or appending the parsed value to an issue field. This is useful for fetching ticketIds in the email body and add it to the issue title.





+ Changes to issue rules and issue alerts now show the change info in the hovertext on the change event in Recent activity portlet

+ The "Product issues" and "Issue distribution" portlets have been updated with additional filters and a %-limiter to reduce clutter of too small sections in the pie chart.

+ Clicking on a Product/Asset/Service/Configuration item in the "Recent activity" portlet now opens the configuration item in the CMDB/Products/Assets/Services page





+ It is no longer possible to select grouping in the search result columns, you have to use the "Group by.." button



Settings / configuration

+ Issue rules now have the option of copying or transfering the issue when triggered

+ Improved Active link configurations - you can specify different behaviours for project pairs and directions: A -> B, A-> C and B -> A can have different active link behaviours. These configurations override the default active link settings.

+ Improved Active link configurations - You can specify which Statuses should be copied over for each configuration pair, and which status should be set in the linked issue. You can choose to have status ABC and DEF in project 1 map to XYZ in project 2.  



Product/Asset/Service Management (CMDB/Configuration Item management)

+ You can now set what standard fields should be used on a specific type of product/Asset/Service. For example, the standard field "Manufacturer" may only make sense for types representing physical objects, like "Product", "Hardware" etc..

+ Fields on a Product/Asset/Service are now shown in two columns

+ Inactive products/assets/services are hidden in the CMDB by default, but can be shown via a setting

+ Custom fields on a product/asset/service can now be shown in the table grid

+ A new identity field has been added, so all configuration items have a unique number like CI-123. The prefix can be chosen in a setting.

+ A new sub-tab "Users" on a product/asset/service allow you to add multiple users directly to a configuration item

+ It is now possible to create a new issue from a configuration item

+ Configuration item should now always have a type

+ Performance improvements when loading the configuration items








+ Not all chat messages are visible in the chat list

+ Can not delete project that has work log categories

+ Cannot filter on the Product Component field in the Issues list

+ Fields not available in an issue type was possible to edit using the context menu

+ Could not email some domains like .guru

+ The field "Email, other" is not saved on a user

+ HTML and linebreaks are sometimes stripped in incoming emails

+ Terminology - not possible to set a new option for "Project" in English and Swedish

+ Changing a configuration item to a type that did not have custom fields, did not clear the values in the "lost" fields

+ Blinking chat tab caused performance problems - now it is a solid color instead.

+ Possible to create a work log without category in the Time/Expenses page, even when work log category is mandatory

+ SLA "elapsed time" calculated incorrectly in some cases

+ Values of issue custom fields not showing in the custom board view

+ An issue could be set to its own sub-issue, which caused problems

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