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Reply to correspondent

  • Ability to specify CC and BCC when using "reply to correspondent"
  • Ability to add attachments when using "reply to correspondent"
  • A warning will be shown if an answer has been sent already using "reply to correspondent". This way you will be sure that no one has sent an issue reply in the period during you started writing your reply.
  • Show the complete conversation history
  • Ability to copy the latest customer reply when using "reply to correspondent"
  • You can now add a personal signature on your user profile that is then automatically added to content when using "reply to correspondent"

Reply templates

A new concept of  reply templates has been added so that you can reply to frequently asked questions more quickly in the "reply to correspondent" view

  • By using the plus (+) sign you can add new categories or templates within these categories.
  • The templates or categories can be edited in the fields to the right.
  • By clicking "Add to content" the template is added to the reply.
  • You can remove a template or category by clicking "Remove"

Knowledge base

New functionality has been added so knowledge base articles can be excluded from being shown externaly in the support center. This way you can prepare a set of knowledge base articles that you want to publish all at once. Both knowledge base categories and articles can be excluded.

Edit Issue

The issue history has been improved to make it easier to read with expand and collapse of individual logs

Linking between issues has been improved to make it more intuitive and usable.

A new optional "last replied by" field on issue makes it easy to quickly see who replied to a support issue

GUI improvements

A new left slide out panel has been added to make the user interface more efficient to use. To start off with the slide out panel shows logged on users and saved searches, but in the future more "shortcuts" to different functions in the system will be added.

The start page has been improved to make it possible to present any of the saved searches and also which columns (fields) that should be displayed.

Other improvements

General improvements and bug fixes


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