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If you are having problems with your installed instance of VisionProject then we suggest trying the following: 




Have all latest patches and upgrades been installed on the server? If not, install them, then restart the server.


Was it long ago that you restarted the server? If so, then restart the server.


Are you running 64-bit version of your OS? If not, then you need to upgrade your server to a 64-bit version


Are you running other applications or services on the VisionProject server? If so, move them to another server



  • You must be running 64-bit version of Linux or Windows
  • VisionProject should be running on a dedicated server and you should not run other applications or services on that server


Application server


Do you have latest version of 64-bit Java 7 installed on the server? If not, upgrade it.


Do you have the latest version of Apache Tomcat running on the server? If not, upgrade it.


Are you running the latest version of VisionProject? If not, upgrade your system to the latest version



  • You must be running 64-bit Java 7 from Oracle (Not OpenJDK)
  • You must be running Apache Tomcat 7




Are you running MSSQL Server 2012 or MySQL 5.6 or older? If so, then upgrade to newest version of your database engine!


Are you recreating indexes regularly? If not, set up a scheduled job to recreate indexes nightly.


How often are you checking database integrity? Run CheckDB or equivalent regularly



  • Indexes needs to be recreated regularly, nightly is recommended or weekly if you recalculate indexes nightly.
  • CheckDB needs to be run regularly, nightly is recommended! (MS SQL Server)
  • UpdateStatistics needs to run regularly, nightly is recommended! (MS SQL Server)



Disk performance


What is your disk IO performance? Test all drives on your server using any of the tools available here...


Are you running any virus software? If so, disable virus check to not scan the directories used by VisionProject or the database.



  • All disks should be fast with low latency and high throughput. At least 100MB/s on the application servers and at least 200 MB/s on the database server disks for good system performance
  • SSD drives should be used 




How many CPU's do you have? How many cores do you have? What is the current load on your CPU's when the system is running?



  • You need fast MHz CPU's for the server to perform well. So it is better with faster cores than many cores.
  • The server should not use more than 50% CPU capacity at any given time to be able to cater for new requests and actions
  • If you are running virtual servers:
    • It is important that the CPU capacity is reserved for your servers and not dynamic
    • You need several VCPU's on your server, at least 2 per server.
    • It is important that the underlying server infrastructure is new, so that the underlying CPU's are modern and fast
    • The VCPU's on the server needs to be fast with high frequency. 




How much memory do you have allocated for your server? Check the resource monitor in the OS, if you do not have 15-20% free available memory then increase the memory on your server.


Do you have configured the memory settings for Apache Tomcat? If not, reconfigure Apache Tomcat to use at least  6GB RAM




  • In addition to the memory for Apache Tomcat and/or the database you need at least 512 MB free RAM on Linux for the OS
  • In addition to the memory for Apache Tomcat and/or the database you need at least 2 GB free RAM on Windows for the OS
  • You need at least 6 GB RAM on your server dedicated for Apache Tomcat, but you may need more depending on different things
  • If you are running a database on the application server you enough memory for the database to operate. The more memory you have, better performance you get. For MySQL you normally need 4 GB RAM or more. For MSSQL Server you normally need 6 GB or more.
  • If you are running a virtual server, such as VMWare, you must make sure to reserve this memory size in your VMware configuration. 




Check if you have network performance problems by testing performance between servers. 



  • If you are running the VisionProject application server and database or SAN on separate machines, then the network they are connected to needs to be fast, at least > 1 Gbit network with low latency, but preferably 10Gbit network






Performance on the client may also be affected by different factors that you can read more about in this article..




Do you need further assistance?


If you need help with these things, contact our support and send along the following information:


  • System log files. Read more about where to find the log files in this article.
  • Run the TestInstallation util on your server and send results to us, see here for more info
  • Version of VisionProject
  • Relevant performance information on the server, for example:
    • Screenshot of task manager in Windows
    • Disk IO Tests
    • CPU Usage, CPU versions
    • Memory, available and configured for the system

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