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The hosted cloud version 10.7 of VisionProject was released on December 14th 2014

During October 2014 we started with continuous delivery of features and improvements in the cloud/SAAS version of VisionProject. The majority of the functionality below was released between November 15th and December 14th for our cloud/SAAS customers into the live environment without any downtime. Some larger features was done on our release dates since the deployment process for these things are more strict.


The functionality below will be available after Christmas as an installed version. 


User and company management

+ Company fields should be available in the grid on the users tab

+ It should be possible to filter on company fields in the grid on the users tab


Issue / case management

+ Configurable action buttons to execute issue rules, such as easy escalation of issues etc.  

+ Improve issue view and issue history to show and scale images better

+ Add reply to all button in issue history window to quickly reply on issues

+ Improve credit card masking and encryption to remove "false positive matches"

+ Make it possible to have longer field names / labels by allowing text wrapping 

+ Show seconds in the issue history for better and more accurate traceability


Email ticket system

+ Make email addresses non case sensitive, it should not matter if you use upper or lower case characters


Settings / configuration

+ Log changes made to issue alerts and rules into the recent activity for increased traceability

+ Improve usability in the Issue Field Configuration to show what the original name is for custom fields


Build / Continuous integration (CI)

+ Add new hook for creating builds or releases from a CI / build tool such as Jenkins or other tool


Product/Asset/Service Management

+ Issue export directly from products / configuration items / assets. Among other things, this can be used to easily export a list of release notes for a product release.  



+ Simplify issue management by having just one Save button on the issue. Save and stay should be default.

+ Kanban board should also show the color coding of tasks/issues

+ Dragging tasks/issues between lanes in the Kanban board should not change rank on them




+ "Add another file" button not working when creating new issue

+ Call dialog not showing the users phone number unless there is a space in the number

+ Changing issue does not reload planning board

+ Closing call dialogue prompts back to wrong tab and also changes the view

+ Closing an opened tab for a user/company/Product/contract breaks the view in the Users/Companies/Products/Contracts pages

+ Long names of Product/Asset/config item and Company pushes the layout to the right

+ Some formatting in the Issue history truncates the page

+ Issue documents not copied when their issue is copied

+ Mandatory fields should not be able to be set to unassigned

+ Parent-child connection of issues can be kept when a sub-issue is transfered to another project

+ Planning board - direct editing of a cell can cause a popup to show

+ Problems with selecting columns in Custom board

+ Time/Expenses - should not show expenses/worklogs on issues from other users, if the current user has the setting "show assigned issues only"

+ Time/Expenses - clicking on "add worklog to project" instead opened the "add expense" dialog 

+ Reset password link in emails not working

+ Advanced search - make "Last replied by" behave as a user field, not a text field

+ Skip the "choose issue type" step in the New issue dialog, if the project only have one issue type

+ Some issue fields could not be added to the Planning board table

+ Spam function not working when issue is in a new tab

+ Many misc bugfixes

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