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The hosted cloud version 10.6 of VisionProject was released on November 16th 2014

During October 2014 we started with continuous delivery of features and improvements in the cloud/SAAS version of VisionProject. This means that the majority of all changes can be delivered at any time into the live environment without any downtime. Delivery of major features or features that require database changes will still be done for our major releases (10.5, 10.6 and so on) since the deployment process is more strict.


The majority of the functionality below was released between October 27th and November 16th for our cloud/SAAS customers. The installed 10.6 version will be made available on November 20th.


Product/Asset/Service Management

+ Inactive products/CI's are hidden in the selectors



+ Add a row for total sum in the Issue history report


Issue / case management

+ New issue field created by that is always set to the person creating the issue, i.e. to make this field quickly available, not only in the issue history

+ Add new issue field - Source direction - to indicate IN/OUT for calls, emails etc to see if the initial call or email was incoming or outgoing

+ Add summary row on issues directly on Product/Asset/Service.  to periodically be able to see costs and spent time for

+ Estimated breach date  ($!estimatedBreach) is now available as a parameter in the SLA Escalation report  

+ Make issue templates available in the support center


Time/cost management

+ Chose what worklog categories should be visible on project 



+ Fix i18n of TinyMCE

+ Sometimes "Email reply" don't send emails using the correct email address

+ Issue import fails with special characters sometimes

+ Permission problem for Forum topics sometimes

+ Push notifications does not work sometimes

+ Overlib doesn't work in Kanban board in some cases

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