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 Upgrade from VisionProject 6.2 to VisionProject 6.3 Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info
First of all; take a backup copy of your current installation, including the database!

Note! All the changes from v6.2.1 is included in this upgrade.


Shut down your Tomcat server


Again, make sure that you have made a backup of your Tomcat webapp (all files) and the database!


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/number_3_blue.gif Go to the directory 'WEB-INF/lib' and remove all the files.


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/number_4_blue.gif Extract the content from '' over your current installation.


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/number_5_blue.gif Update your VisionProject database by running the SQL script 'upgrade_from_v6.2_to_v6.3.sql' located in the directory: '/WEB-INF/internal_docs/installed version/db_scripts/v6.3/Upgrade from v6.2'. Choose the directory that match your database, MS SQL Server or MySQL.




You are done and can start Tomcat again!


NOTE! If you like to use Spanish language you have to add ';es_ES' to the availableLocales attribute in the file: '', like this:


You can also set Spanish to be the default language on the login page with this:


Then you have to open up VisionProject and set the Default locale in 'Settings -> General' to Spanish .


NOTE! If you like to use a default language in your Support Centers you should add a new attribute in the file: '', like this:



NOTE! If you like to use the new document indexer that makes search in document content possible you should add the lines below in the file '':

#If lucene should be active and used
#If lucene index should be recreated automatically if it gets corrupt (may be costly)
#Location of index files - should be stored locally - not on a slow network drive. When property is blank then documentPath is used.

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