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The hosted version of VisionProject 6.3 was released on the 4th of July 2010


See below for details about the new features and improvements in this release. If you have any questions or need some clarification in some of the areas, then just add a comment to the KB-article or send us an email.


Note! The installed version will be available on the 8th of July.



Issue management


"Solution" issue field

"Solution" has been added as a new standard issue field. Solution is a HTML textarea that can be searched on and exported.


"Source" issue field

"Source" has been added as a new standard issue field. The Source field can have one of the following values:


  • Normal
  • E-mail
  • Support center
  • Simple form
  • Web Service
  • Phone


If you have enabled this field and have made it editable when creating an issue you can select if the Source should be "Normal" or "Phone".


Make it possible to send auto-reply for normal issues created by support users

If you enable "Use automatic reply for manual support issues" in your E-mail ticket system setup a reply will be sent to your "Support users" when they create an issue using the Support Center or a Simple form.


"Rank in version" issue field

"Rank in version" has been added as a new standard issue field.


The value of this field will never be shown but it is used in the background to "rank" (order) issues within a version.


If you have enabled this field you can use drag 'n drop in the Kanban board to rank (order) issues and if you have this field available in your Column view when you are in the "Issues tab" you can also do ranking using the "one up"-icon and "to top"-icon.





Settings - which user groups can create which issue types

You can now limit which issue types a specific User group are able to create. You do this in 'Settings -> Issue types' in a project. (Click on "Edit access" in the column "Group access".) 

Settings - Left navigation panel visible?

The Left navigation panel can be set to hidden per default. This setting is available in the "Profile" in the upper right as well as when editing a user.


Settings - user info visible to support users

If the permission "View project users" is enabled for Support users, the "User info" dialog will be available for Support Users.



E-mail ticket system


Make it possible to blacklist senders

You can now select "Blacklist email marked as spam" in the E-mail ticket system setup. If you do so and mark an issue as Spam, the sender address will end up in the field: "Blacklisted email adresses".

When an incoming email is recevied the "Blacklisted email adresses" will be checked and if there is a match the email will end up in the Spam-folder in Documents.

Make source-parameter available in auto-reply

If you have enabled the feature "Make it possible to send auto-reply for normal issues created by support users" you might want to have slightly different auto-replies depending on the source of the new issue, i.e: "Email", "Support Center" or "Simple form".

You can then do something like this in your auto-replies:

#if($!source != 'email')
Link to issue: ${linkToIssue}
Change password here: ${changePasswordLink}



Document management


Improved search/indexing on document (content)

Document content can now be fully searched!



Kanban board


Improved Kanban board

The Kanban board has been improved with:

  • "Compact mode" and "Medium mode"
  • Drag-n-drop to change the rank (order) between issues in a version
  • Parent and its associated sub-issues is grouped together it they are in the same lane
  • Version is available as a filter in the Backlog
  • The details for each issue/item in the Kanban board will be shown when hovering of the "issue type"-icon


Improved Cumulative Flow Diagram

In the Cumulative Flow Diagram you can now select weeks as an interval.





Make it easier to get external direct link to issue for support users

The direct link to an issue for a Support user are now available when clicking on "Direct link" when you are viewing an issue.


Make it easier to create issue on company

An issue can be created directly from the "Issues tab" when you are viewing a company. You just have to choose a project and issue type and the you can create a new issue that will be associated to the company.





Plugin architecture for installed version

A simple "plugin architecture" has been added for the "installed version".


Read more about this feature here.


New permission - "Show inactive projects"

The menu "Projects -> Action -> Show inactive projects" can now be hidden using Role permissions.


New fields in Simple forms

These fields can now be added to a "Simple form":

  • User phone
  • User cell phone
  • User home phone
  • Company name
  • Company address1
  • Company address2
  • Company city
  • Company state
  • Company zip code
  • Company phone
  • Company fax
  • Company web adress


If a Company name is available when a Simple form is posted a check will be made to see if the Company exists. If it doesn't exists the Company will be created, possibly initialized with more company fields if they are available in the form.



New fields in Export

Project category can be exported in "Reports -> Time report".


Parent issue name and Parent issue key can be exported in all exports available.



New locale setting for installed versions

A default locale for Support Centers (when a user isn't logged in) can be set in If you for example would like to have German as the default language in Support Centers you should add this in



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