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The hosted version of VisionProject 6.2 was released on the 30th of May 2010


See below for details about the new features and improvements in this release. If you have any questions or need some clarification in some of the areas, then just add a comment to the KB-article or send us an email.


Note! The installed version will be available on the 2nd of June.


Support Center module


Improved SLA management with the ability to connect SLA's to customers

We have introduced a "SLA" and "Contract" in VisionProject. Recently we had support for Alerts and Escalations but now Alerts are called "SLA Targets".


A SLA can have one or more SLA Targets. A SLA Target has one or more Escalations.


A Contract is connected to a Customers and optionally a SLA and/or Product.


When a new issue is created VisionProject will check if an SLA should be associated with the issue in the following order.


  1. If a Product is specified when creating the issue, check if the reporter's company has a Contract that matches the Product and in that case check if the Contract has a SLA. If that is the case, associate the SLA and the SLA Targets with the issue.
  2. No Product is specified, check if the reporter's company has a Contract that doesn't have a Product specified and in that case check if the Contract has a SLA. If that is the case, associate the SLA and the SLA Targets with the issue.
  3. If no Contract/SLA has been found in 1. or 2., check if a default SLA has been specified. If that is the case, associate the default SLA with the issue.


IMPORTANT NOTE! The new feature with SLA and SLA Targets will only apply for new issues. If you have some existing Alerts and Escalations, they will not be triggered.


NOTE! Please note that you have to add the new issue field "SLA" to enable the support for SLAs in a project. You do that in the Issue Field Configuration section. You can also add the new field "Next breach" to see the next breach date for an issue.


SLA settings


Knowledge Base Images/SLA/slas-settings.png



SLA Targets



Knowledge Base Images/SLA/slatargets-settings.png


SLA tab on an issue


Knowledge Base Images/SLA/sla-issues.png


Agreement/Contract management

Makes it possible to specify agreements/contracts between you and customers/distributors. On a Contract you can specify which Customer/distributor the contract is for, when the contract starts and ends, if the contract is for a specific Product and if a SLA should be used.



Document management


Improved search/indexing on documents

It is now possible to search on documents in the "quick search" dialog, just select the radio button "documents". In the hosted version it is initially only possible to search among documents on your projects by the name and description field. To search on issue documents and indexing (to search inside documents) is limited to the installed server version at the moment. However these features will be available in the hosted version as well within a couple of weeks.




Visual indication that a support user has done the last reply

If a Support user has done the latest reply, either with an email or by adding a comment the title of the issue in the Issues-tab will be bold.


Same sort order is used in "Reply to correspondent" as in the "History log"


Two new graphs showing estimated times per user and all times for users, respectively.

The two graphs are available in the Version page ( or Iteration page/Sprint page etc, depending on the chosen terminology).

  • A pie chart showing the estimated time per user in the version.
  • A bar chart showing estimated, actual, remaining and available times for the users in the version.




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