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The automatic e-mail reply is a system generated response to support mails/questions

An automatic email reply is a good way to send confirmation mail that e-mails sent in have been created as issues in the system. 


You can configure this by going to the project settings for the ticket system on the project in question. (Settings - email ticket system). If the also the setting "Use automatic reply for manual support issues" is enabled autoreplies will be sent for issues created by the client in the support center or created via a simple form. Note that those auto replies will not be sent for issues created manually by agents.


Go to the section Automatic email reply and do this:

  • Make sure the 'Use automatic reply ' box is checked.
  • 'Subject in reply' - this is text for the email subject line.
  • 'Text in reply' - this is the body of the email. You can select text format or HTML format for the reply body.


Make sure to press the Update button!


There are a number of variables that can be used in the reply template:


  • ${ticketId} - Reference to Ticket ID
  • ${subject} - Original subject
  • ${issueKey} - Reference to issue key
  • ${originalMessage} - Original message
  • ${originalMessageQuoted} - Original message quoted with >
  • ${issueType} - Issue type
  • ${changePasswordLink} - Link to set password
  • ${linkToIssue} - Direct link to issue
  • ${source} - Can be any of "e-mail", "support center" or "simple form" depending on where the issue is created.


The ${...} terms will be substituted with the actual values in the subject and template. 




  • "Thanks for sending us a support mail. Its ticketid is: ${ticketid}".
  • "Use the following link to see and follow your issue in the support center: ${linkToIssue}"


Advanced example below:



   Thank you for your e-mail!


   Thank you for submitting an issue to us!



   We will take care of your inquiry as soon as possible!


   Use the following link to see and edit your issue online in the support center: ${linkToIssue}


   You login using your email adress, and you can use the following link to change your password: ${changePasswordLink}


   Best regards,

   Customer Support

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