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The hosted cloud version 10.4 of VisionProject was released on September 7th 2014

As usual the new version includes many new features and improvements requested by our customers.


The most important improvements are highlighted below



+ New status change report

+ New issue history report replaces the email trend report


+ SLA compliance report : Make the company filter multi-select

+ SLA compliance report : Make the user group filter multi-select 

+ SLA compliance report : Add Year To Date option


+ Status report : Make the company filter multi-select

+ Status report : Make the user group filter multi-select 

+ Status report : Add Year To Date option 


+ Resolution time report : Make the company filter multi-select

+ Resolution time report : Make the user group filter multi-select 

+ Resolution time report : Add Year To Date option


Issue / case management

+ Issue title should always be visible on top of an issue even if you scroll down

+ Make it possible to delete tags more easily directly in the tag cloud

+ Improved issue templates: Support for subtasks

+ Support for document remove/change events in issue history

+ Support for issue removal events in the recent activity

+ Issue templates :  Improved usability by making templates more visible,

+ Issue templates :  It is now possible to make personal issue templates or templates for a certain user group only

+ Improved usability for the product / service / asset selector

+ Option to become subscriber when commenting on issue. To easily get notifications on these issues, and to see these in "My subscriptions"

+ Possible to search on ticketId in "select sub-issue"

+ Add direction to source "call" on issues


Planning boards

+ Make it possible to edit most fields directly in grid

+ Make it possible to easily see what fields are editable in grid


Email ticket system

+ Fix so that Reply-to header is always used when importing emails 

+ Make it possible to send notifications to CC'ed recipients on issues




+ Implement a new password policy that can be configured per customer. In General --> Settings it is possible to specify password complexity and length



+ New owner group filter, to easily filter tasks and meetings for your team only


Web service API

+ Make system user title available in API



+ Contracts added to the terminology page. You can now choose to use something like  "Agreement"  instead of "Contract".




+ Fix occasional problems saving a screenshot to a new issue  

+ Time report fails sometimes

+ Error uploading document content when editing online

+ Error when removing users sometimes

+ Problem mass updating the solution field

+ Sprint / Phase is sometimes not visible in the right-click context menu if permission is not exactly right

+ Usergroup are not showing up in issue field configuration

+ Impossible to create idea in Ideas section of support center

+ Edit online documents doesn't work in a folder with "Just me" permission

+ Multi-upload of documents does not work sometimes

+ Cannot open a forum topic sometimes

+ Not able to copy tasks with Check List

+ Problem transferring Issues with sub-issues

+ Can't add user group when editing existing comment on issue

+ Color coding in issue grids doesn't work

+ Setting Product in issues list using context menu instead blanks the existing product sometimes
+ Add permission check for forwarding emails from issue history
+ Hide the Dashboard if user has no permission to see it
+ Mark selected as invoiced - sometimes does not work
+ Users missing in time report selection screen
+ Default User Group for a New User fails if no default setting has been configured
+ Edit work log - the billing/cost rates from the setting are shown even if the values were manually set
+ Issue timers should be disabled for issue templates
+ Inactive users get notification emails sometimes
+ Issue source is wrong when sending an email
+ Kanban board: Dragging issue with an active link to an empty backlog gives "positionBefore" JSON error
+ Overlib doesn't work in Kanban board
+ Issue grids should not reload if the user is creating an issue
+ When Kanban is reloaded it looses the selected sprint and look and feel
+ Issue links in chat doesn't work at the end of sentence
+ Boolean values fail in import if native language is used
+ Upgrade installation from 10.2.1 to 10.3.8 fails
+ Last visited issues only shows 2 latest sometimes


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