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Field description - Sprint ( Version/Iteration/ Phase)

Short description:


 Sprint represents a time interval on a project, to which issues can be assigned. Optional names include Version, Iteration and Phase. 





Default name: Sprint


Terminology variations: Yes.  Some options are: Version, Iteration, Sprint, Milestone, Phase, Timebox, Stage


In-Use: Optional. This field can be set to be used in the issue field configuration.


Mandatory: Optional. This field can be set as mandatory, but need not be.


Data type: Version. Note that sprints are specific to a project. If you need something that is available across projects, look at Release.


Access restrictions: (Default) Created: "Read/Write" for all internal users, and "No access" for external or support users.  Editing: "Read/Write" for all internal users,  and "No access" for external or support users.



Release: If you use releases, and have a release set on the Version, then these fields will be dependent. Setting the version will set the appropriate release. Setting the release when the version is not set, will only allow versions having that release (or no release at all) to be set on the issue.



Affected by these settings: 

Project > Sprints: Here you can set release, start- and End dates, or whether a Sprint should be linked after another. 


General > Settings > Issue configurations > Issue rules.

Sprint can be used in issue rules, either as a criterion, or being set in the rule action.


Use cases: 

In many types of work, you may want to divide work up in time intervals, and schedule issues for specific Sprints. This is useful for both traditional and iterative projects.

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