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The hosted cloud version 10.3 of VisionProject was released on June 29th 2014

As usual the new version includes many new features and improvements requested by our customers.


The most important improvements are highlighted below



+ New combined, general search function in support center that will search in all sections (issues/cases, documents, knowledge base articles). To activate this please see this article...


Issue / case management

+ Improved issue templates: Add links to Knowledge base articles

+ Merge issue functionality has been greatly improved to include more data: Links, attachments and votes

+ Make it possible to copy-paste issue content directly into Word / Excel with images intact. For this to work make sure you point, drag and select text/images directly in the read-only view or print view on issue (it will not work if the issue/case is in edit mode) 

+ All changes on issues should update the modified date on issue, including adding documents

+ Improve usability for product/service/category field when searching for an item, also include sub-items

+ When exporting issues to Excel, include the owner name, not only the username.


Expense management

Sequence numbers should be available for expenses (required for legislative purposes in some EU countries)


Planning boards

+ New global custom issue/case/task board to be able to handle tasks and issues across projects more efficiently, and to move them between projects easily with drag and drop. 

+ Make issue/case fields editable - now most fields are editable directly in table for easy/quick editing

+ "Planning board (New)" on project renamed to "Custom board"


Email ticket system

+ Reply icon directly on issue incoming email events on issue history

+ Keep original subject when replying and forwarding a specific email received on an issue/case (in history)

+ The user's signature should be used when  replying and forwarding a specific email received on an issue/case (in history)

+ Improved handling of BCC and CC addresses, to be included when doing reply-to-all

+ Make it possible to auto transfer issues in a ticket system into another project/workspace

+ Forwarded emails should use attached inline images to the issue instead of linked images into the system

+ Email settings - Added email format check for the error email address

+ System errors for email ticket system should include name of the failing ticket system to make monitoring easier


Support center

+ Improved search function to cover all objects in one unified search.

+ Improved look and feel for the defult template


Contract / agreement management

+ Copy contract - Makes it possible to copy contracts and all related data

+ Hide inactive users from contract - users


User / contact management

+ It should be possible to specify a default user group for users. See General --> Settings --> Roles/groups --> User Groups


Product / Service / asset  management

+ Improved dependency linking bertween objects


Web service API

+ API is now exposed also for support users, i.e. to allow for customers to work with issues and see statuses, and to make integration between systems easier.



+ New language option - Russian (Note: this currently works best if a new account is created for the russian locale, not changing the language of an existing account)



+ Problems copying a file, sometimes 

+ Make it possible to set any release for issues with sprint/iteration set that do not link to releases

+ Reporter field on issues in support center can sometimes be broken sometimes (depending on issue field settings)

+ Sender of meeting invitations are wrong, system should use owner, not reporter

+ Timer function doesn't work in the kanban board

+ Created and modified date are sometimes not set when creating/changing issues/cases

+ Project access column for users doesn't always work



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