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The hosted cloud version 10.2 of VisionProject was released on May 17th 2014


As usual the new version includes many new features and improvements requested by our customers.


The most important improvements are highlighted below.


Issue / case management

+ Issue documents: Events for deleting documents are added to the history tab.

+ Improved handling of the dependent fields sprint/iteration, release and product to reduce risk for mismatches 

+ Import/export - several bugfixes


Planning boards

+ Pagination added, which speeds up loading

+ Smarter reloading of board info. Less unneeded reloading, and will keep the list where it was, and reopen expanded parent issues after reload.

+ Support for dragging an issue to the previous page or the first page.

+ Now you can see if an issue is a parent issue or a sub-issue

+ Story points are now editable in the planning board 

+ Story points are now shown in Kanban board if you use them in the issue field configuration.


Email ticket system

+ Improved functionality to reduce risk for email loops between VisionProject and another email system when auto replies are sent out

+ Forwarding a comment as an email now adds the TicketId to the subject


Support center

+ Issues/ticket grid: You can now filter and search on the Reporter, Ticket Id+  and Description fields

+ Support users can now set another support user from their company as Reporter on an issue (if they have the correct permission on the Reporter field) .


Contract / agreement management

+ These sub-tabs now have a count of the number of items in the sub-tab: Documents and Users.


User / contact management

+ These sub-tabs now have a count of the number of items in the sub-tab: Issues, Documents, Contracts and Products.


Company /customer management

+ These sub-tabs now have a count of the number of items in the sub-tab: Documents, Users, Issues, Projects, Contracts and Products.


Product / Service / asset  management

+ You can now copy a product/CI and place the copy as a child of another product/CI, or at the top level.

+ New function for batch deletion of multiple selected Products/CI's

+ Product/CI documents: Events for adding/removing/updating documents are added to the Product/CI history tab.

+ These sub-tabs now have a count of the number of items in the sub-tab: Relationships, Issues, Documents, Contracts, KB Links and Issue templates.


Installed on-premise server version
+ Full support for Java 7

+ Full support for Tomcat 7 



+ Recurring issues - you can now select a monthly recurrence.

+ Search can now find text with national characters like åäö in the Description field of new, unmodified issues 

+ Copy/pasting into issue description field should now work in new versions of Internet Explorer

+ Problem with filters in the Mobile version fixed.

+ Copy paste of documents didn't always give correct name

+ Product/CI documents: size when uploading issues weren't correct

+ Recurring tasks - cannot select Monthly recurrance

+ Problem with quote marks and linebreaks when importing from CSV

+ Date+Time format is wrong when exporting issues from Search

+ Improved handling of values in Time/Expenses to handle many objects

+ Installation process hangs due to lock

+ And some more...



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