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 How can I manually change the database settings for the system? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

This is done in a file called file that you can find in the <YOUR_WEB_APP_PATH>/WEB-INF/classes/ directory on your server


databaseType  - should be MSSQLServer or MySQL, example "databaseType=MSSQLServer"


user - should be the username that you log into the system with, such as sa or root, example "user=sa"


password - should be the database user's password, example password=mypassword


numberOfInitialConnections - the number of database connecitons the server should start with


driver - depends on the database you have installed. Use one of the following:

  • driver=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver for MySQL
  •  for MSSQLServer


url - depends on the database you have installed and needs to be changed according to the formats below:

  • url=jdbc:sqlserver://localhost;databaseName=visionproject;portNumber=1433
  • url=jdbc:mysql://localhost/visionproject
  • or with the IP as follows
  • url=jdbc:sqlserver://;databaseName=visionproject;portNumber=1433
  • url=jdbc:mysql://

MS SQL Server with named instance "vflow"

  • url=jdbc:sqlserver://localhost\\vflow;databaseName=visionflow



Please note that all values above are case sensitive.


If you have problems connecting to the server please try the following:



  • Ping server to make sure it is reachable from other server
  • Try to connect to server via telnet
    • For MS SQL Server use: telnet <YOUR_IP> 1433
    • For MySQL Server use: telnet <YOUR_IP> 3306
  • If you use MS SQL Server make sure the server is configured with "Mixed mode Authentiction"
  • If you use MS SQL Server the password should not contain any windows domain, just username and password

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