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The hosted cloud version 10.1 of VisionProject was released on March 22nd 2014

This release is a minor bug fix release, with some new features listed below.


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif Security 

+ Ability to mask credit card numbers in emails, and attachments

+ Public encryption key can be stored on the account level for encryption of credit card numbers

+ Additional warnings if you try to remove permission on issue for yourself

Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif Issue / case management

+ Product/Service/CI fields can now be imported with the issue/case import feature

+ It is now possible to update issue data by exporting and importing them

Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif Misc

+ Improved usability in issue issue field configuration to see difference between standars and custom fields

+ Improvement to open unsecure URL's in new web browser tabs if they are unsecure and not in VisionProject

Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif Bugfixes

+ Project bubble chart sometimes doesn't work

+ Removing projects sometimes generates an error

+ Removing issue field configuration sometimes results in  error message

+ Removing issue types sometimes results in  error message

+ Importing contrats/agreement data doesn't update the history tab

+ Native desktop notifications for chat messages sometimes look strange

+ Product/Service/CI fields sometimes don't show the right information in popup on issues

+ Unassigned company names allowed despite it being set to mandatory

+ And many more ...

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