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Field description - Created



Short description:


Created is a date and time field that is set when the issue is created, and not modifiable thereafter






Default name: Created

Terminology variations: None


In-Use: Always. This field is always used and cannot be removed from the issue field configuration.


Mandatory: Yes. This field must be set on an issue when it is created.


Data type: Date + Time. This field is shown as a time stamp in the top of the issue, not as a normal field in the issue body. 


Access restrictions: Always Read-only for all users. No one should be able to edit the Created date/time. 


Relationships/Dependencies: Created is not dependent on another field. It is set when the issue is created.


Some Reports use the Created date to help calculate some other property that is used in the reports (Examples: Initial response time, SLA compliance, New and closed issues trend)


Affected by these settings: 

How the Created date+time field looks like, depends on what date formats you use. See your user profile at top right, select Settings > Date and Time settings.


Use cases: Created is used in all cases, to know when the issue was created.

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