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Field description - Description



Short description:


The issue Description is  where you write information on the issue, what should be done etc. This is a larger HTML text area with a toolbar containing many formatting options.

When issues are created from email, the mail content ends up in the Description field for the initial email (Further replies are added as comments on the issue).  






Default name: Description

Terminology variations: None by default, but several places in the system mention "Issue Description", and  in that case it is depending on the terminology setting for "Issue", resulting in Task Description, Item Description, Case Description etc.


In-Use: Always. This field is always used and cannot be removed from the issue field configuration.


Mandatory: Optional. This depends on the setting in the Issue field configuration used on the project the issue belongs to.


Data type: A text area. 


Access restrictions: Read/Write for everyone when creating an issue. Editing: Read/Write by default for internal users, and External/Support users only have Read/Write access to their own issues. 





Affected by these settings: 



Use cases: The description is where you store most of the textual information on the issue.  

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