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Field description - Status



Short description:


The Status is the current state of the issue. For example, if an issue is New, Work in Progress, Completed, or in a user-defined status.

Statuses and their effect on issues are quite configurable.







Default name: Status

Terminology variations: None for the field itself, but many places mention the status on the issue as "Issue status", which is terminology dependent on "Issue". It could be called task status, case status, etc..


In-Use: Always. This field is always used and cannot be removed from the issue field configuration.


Mandatory: Yes. This field must be set on an issue.



Data type: A status from the list of statuses available. Statuses are defined in General > Settings > Issue configuration > Issue statuses.

What statuses you can choose from is dependent on several settings.


Access restrictions: (Default) No access when created (The status of the new issue is determined by settings) Editing: Read/Write for all internal users, and Read-only for support users.


Relationships/Dependencies: Many. 



Affected by these settings: Many.


General > Settings > Issue configuration > Issue Statuses:

Here you can edit the names and appearances (icon, background color etc) as well as setting special flags on statuses (is New, is In Progress, is Closed, is Assigned) which affect how some things in the system react on a status change.


Project > Settings > Email > Processing rules

The Status of an issue created by incoming email can be set according to processing rules, and the processing rules can also consider the status of an existing issue which is getting an email reply.


General > Settings > Issue configurations > Issue rules.

Status can be used in issue rules, either as a criterion, or being set in the rule action.



What status you can choose on an issue is dependent on several settings:


Project > Settings > Status settings:

  • Status - Is the status used on the project?
  • Issue type - Is the status used on the issue type?
  • Group access - Do your user group have acess to change the issue status?


Project > Settings > Workflow > Valid status changes:

Is the status change you want to do allowed? Workflow can be used to restrict options for status changes




Use cases: Status is one of the most important fields of an issue, and determines the workflow of the issue among other things.  The current state of the issue/task should be reflected in the status, if the system is well configured. 

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