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 What is the difference between "support users", contacts and normal users? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

In VisionProject we differentiate between two main user categories: normal users and support users.


Normal users

These standard system users can use the whole system, all data and functionality, i.e. login the normal way via


Other names for normal users are administrators, agents, developers, team members, internal users, project members, external users (such as consultants) etc.


For normal users you will need a user license, all prices for normal system user licenses are available here


(Normal users have a User Type of "System user" and a User group that does NOT have the "Support user" flag.)

"Support users"

These users can only use the support center. A support center is a light-weight simplified web portal that you can use to communicate with users/individuals that don't have access to your whole account. More info on the support center module is available here.


Other names for support users can be clients, customers or end-users, i.e. individuals/persons that use your products, services, information  or that you want to share some information with.


Since support users only have a limited view of the system they don't need a user license and we don't charge anything for support users, i.e. these users can use the system completely for free.


Examples of what a support user can do:


  • Create a support issue/ticket, bug or task
  • View support issues/tickets, bugs or tasks that the user or anyone else on the same company has created
  • Add information, documents and comments on support tickets/issues
  • Download documents
  • Search and read articles in the Knowledge base
  • Read and create forum messages
  • And so on ...



(Support users have a User Type of "System user" and a User group that DOES have the "Support user" flag.)


 Contacts are not regular users, just contacts.  Contacts can't login to the system at all, not via the normal login page or in a support center.


Storing any managing contacts are completely free and you naturally don't pay anything for them.


(Contacts have a User Type of "Contact" and a User group that DOES have the "Support user" flag.)


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