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 How can I link to local files from a KB article or issue? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

It's not possible to link to a local file from within VisionProject using a file:// URL due to security restrictions in modern web browsers.


URLs that begin with the file:// URI Scheme can only be loaded directly (by typing them into the location bar) or from pages that are loaded using the file:// URI scheme


We recommend that you instead store files and documents inside VisionProject and link to thesde, or set up a local file server that host the files/contents using another protocol, such as http:// or ftp://


There are alternative solutions to this also:

  1. You can make changes in the registry settings for IE that allow access to local files even outside the local trusted zone. For more details, please see here...
  2. You can disable this security rrescriction in some versions of Firefox, plese see here for more info: blog post.
  3. For chrome there is a local file extension that can be used, see here

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