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When using VisionProject it is recommended that you add a SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record in your DNS.

What is an SPF record?

SPF, or Sender Policy Frameworkrecord is a "TXT" record (row) in your DNS that tells which SMTP servers are authorized to send emails for your domain.


The SPF info in your DNS record that says “I only send e-mail from these machines – if it’s not from one of these, it is fake!


SPF helps stop spammers from masquerading as you! 


Why do we need this?


It is to make sure that emails sent from VisionProject isn't categorized as SPAM by the recipient's email server. 


The reason why this might happen is that VisionProject uses its own email servers running on different IP-addresses to send out emails.


It means that our servers will send out emails "on behalf" of your domain which some email servers do not like, and thereby may categorize these emails as SPAM.


By adding an SPF record in your DNS you tell receiving email servers that our IP-addresses and our domain is allowed to send emails by using your email address. 

Is this standard?

Yes, this is a standard way to improve security and reduce spamming. It has been in use for many years and is getting used more and more.


You can read more about this here: Sender Policy Framework


Also, you may already have added SPF settings for other services that you use. You can easily test this on this page : by entering your domain, such as and you may get a result such as:


TXT Record (65characters):


"v=spf1 a mx ~all"

How do I change my DNS configuration?

Normally you don't need to know how to change your DNS and add the SPF record yourself, you just need to tell the technical contact for your domain to add it for you. Normally you only need to talk to someone in your IT-staff and they will help you. Or get in contact with the company that manages your domain.


If you don't have anyone to help you to do this and you need to do it yourself it is often quite easy. You normally just need to get in contact with the company/registrar that manages your domain, and they can help you, this is usually the same company that manages your email or web servers. It is also quite common that they have an administration GUI where you can log in and add/change rows in your DNS.

What do I add?

Check to see of you have a dns record already for your domain. The SPF setting is a TXT row that starts with "v=spf1", such as the example below:    A    MX    MX    TXT  v=spf1 mx ip4: ~all


Edit the last row above and add the following “" and also "" (if you use VisionProject instead), so that the TXT row above would look like:


v=spf1 mx ip4: ~all 


Can I use your IP-addresses instead of your domain in our DNS?


Yes, if you prefer, but this is not recommended. But if you want, you can also add the following specific IP addresses:,, and and directly in your SPF record


In that case your SPF record may look like:


"v=spf1 mx ip4: v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ~all"


Adding IP addresses in this way is not recommended, please use the option above instead.

More info and tools below

Policy tester tool :


To verify that our servers are allowed to send emails for your domain use



SPF Parsers:



Info on how to use GMail to test your SPF settings:






More info on SPF:


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