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One of the more popular features in VisionProject is the Kanban/Task board. The Kanban board can be used both in Lean development as a Kanban board but also as a Task board if you use Scrum or any other iterative development process.


You can find it on the issues / task tab and in the menu option below.


Knowledge Base Images/Kanban/kanban-board-menu.png


The first thing you should do is to configure your Kanban/Task board to make sure that the default configuration matches the way you work.



Knowledge Base Images/Kanban/kanban-board-configuration-explained.png


When you are done with the configuration you can start to use the Kanban/Task board!

Knowledge Base Images/Kanban/kanban-board-explained.png


Using the Kanban board for Lean development

This is how you can configure VisionProject if you would like to use the Kanban board for Lean development, i.e. without Sprints/Releases/Iterations.

  1. Create a new status named 'Planned'. Include the new status in the project.
  2. Configure the 'Planned' Kanban board-lane to include issues with the status equals to 'Planned'.
  3. Set the "Default Kanban sprint" to "Everything"
  4. Set the "Default backlog filter" to "Active issues". (All the issues that isn't included/visible in the Kanban board will then be available in the Backlog-section.)
  5. (Optional) Experiment with WIP limits


Using the Kanban board for iterative development

If you would like to use the Kanban board for iterative development you can just set the "Default Kanban Sprint" to the sprint/release/iteration that you are working on right now. It will then be loaded every time the Kanban board is opened. You should also verify that the statuses in the different lanes match your way of working. You could also experiment with WIP limits even if you are not using "Lean development" to get more consistent "cycle time" and "lead time".



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