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This is where you add and manage companies


This page basically contains a grid table showing the companies, with a bottom section with tabs showing information for the selected company.


Note: If you do not have the CRM module activated in the account settings, you will only see a basic view in the Companies setting with few tabs. 


The top bar contains these functions:

  • Search - Here, you can search for a company. The grid will be updated to show the matches. An empty grid means no company matched your search.
  • Actions - this has a submenu of additional options:    
  • Add new company - this opens a blank form at the bottom where you can enter data for a new company and save.
  • Show inactive companies - If you toggle this, you'll see companies with inactive status as well.


The grid can be sorted on a column by clicking on the column header.


You can change what columns to show by expanding the column menu (the little down button on each column), choose "columns" and check which columns to show.


The company sub-tabs below contains the majority of information on a Company.


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/cube_blue.gif General

This sub-tab is basically a form with company data, and some settings like Domain mappings.

The information is organised in these sections:


General information:

  • Company name
  • Customer number
  • Status
  • Type
  • Parent company
  • Created
  • Modified




  • Address 1 and Address 2 - two rows for address data 
  • State
  • Zipcode - for postal code
  • City
  • Country - this is a dropdown list
  • "Show in Google maps"




Contact information:

  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Web address
  • Contact person
  • Contact email
  • Domain mappings in the e-mail ticket system - See below.


Domain mappings: This field contains a list of email domains separated by commas, like this: ",".

When the email ticket system receives a mail from someone whose email address matches one of the domain mappings, but is not already a user in VisionProject, that user will be created and added to the company with the matching domain, automatically.  This reduces the need to manually assign users to their company.


Custom fields: 

Custom fields on Company are shown below the three standard sections, and they can also be organised in sections. 




Knowledge Base Images/Icons/cube_blue.gif Notes

This sub-tab is basically a text editor where you can write additional information on a company.



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/cube_blue.gif Documents

This sub-tab shows documents attached to the Company.

Note: This is only available with the CRM module.



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/cube_blue.gif Users

This sub-tab shows users belonging to the Company. You can add new users on the company here as well.



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/cube_blue.gif Issues (cases/tickets/tasks)

This section shows issues/cases belonging to the company, i.e. that are associated with the company. You can add and remove issues/cases here as well.


Issues can be associated to the company in two ways:

  • Normally it is done via the reporter company, i.e. by setting the reporter field that user's company is used for association.
  • It can also be done by setting the company field directly on issues/cases, but this is not so common.


Note: This tab is only available with the CRM module. 


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/cube_blue.gif Projects (workspaces)

This sub-tab shows projects owned by the selected company. This is set by the field "Company (owner)" in the project info.

Note: This tab is only available with the CRM module.


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/cube_blue.gif Contracts

This sub-tab shows contracts for the selected company (Contracts which have the Company field set to the selected company).

Note: This tab is only available with the CRM module.


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/cube_blue.gif Company access

This sub-tab shows the company access settings, where you can set which company data the users from the selected company will have access to.

Read more about it here: Partner access/Company access

Note: This tab is only available with the CRM module.


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/cube_blue.gif History

This sub-tab is a log of changes made to the Company.

Note: This tab is only available with the CRM module.





Knowledge Base Images/Company info/Companies_main_grid.PNG

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