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You have configured the SLA settings but the issues does not get the SLA when created. What to do?


Note 1: Changes to SLA's does not affect older issues. Only issues created after the settings was changed will be affected.


Note 2: This article refers to Contracts and Products. These are available when using certain modules in VisionProject as follows:

  • Contracts: The CRM module is needed.
  • Products:  The CMDB module is needed. 

An administrator can check General > Settings > Modules to see what modules are available in the account.



Questions for troubleshooting: 

1. Does the Project have the fields "SLA" and "Next Breach"? These are needed for this to work.

  • Edit the Issue field configuration (IFC) that is used in the project, and add these issue fields.


2. Is at least one SLA created? 

  • Is it active? 
  • Does it have the right SLA Targets checked? (SLA Targets used in the project you're interested in.) 
  • Does it have the right order number? The system checks the SLA's with lowest numbers first.
  • Does it have a Work schedule? Work schedule on SLA overrides any work schedules on SLA Targets.



3. Is at least one SLA Target created?

  • Is it active?
  • Is it used in the project?
  • Does it have a Work Schedule? 
  • Is the "Breaches when" correct?  
    • Time in start/running statuses: Are all checked, or can the issue get to a status that is not tracked?
  • Criterias - does these match the issue status, type, priority and/or Severity? Even if you have determined what SLA should be used, it will not be set if none of its SLA Targets match the created issue.




4. Is there at least one contract that uses this SLA?

  • Is the contract active?
  • Does the contract have the User field set (Customer User is a better name)?  
    • If so, is this user the same as the reporter of the issue? Yes-> SLA on contract is used.
  • Does the contract have the Customer (Customer Company is a better name) set to the Reporter company of the issue?   
    • If the contract also has a product that matches the Product on the issue -> SLA on contract is used.
    • If the contract does not have any product, but there are no matching products on any contract for the company -> Use the SLA on the contract




Troubleshooting chart below. This is version 1. It does not cover the case when a user is set as the owner of a contract directly, for example.



Knowledge Base Images/SLA/SLA Quick Chart 1.png

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