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 Can I reset a customised notification template to the default template look? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

Sometimes, the customised HTML template looks bad, and you want to start over from the default HTML template.

Notification templates are edited in Notification template page (General > Settings > Other configurations > Notification templates).


We do not have any actual reset function for the custom templates, but try this:

  • Go to the Notification template page, select the notification of interest.
  • Click on the link "[View system default template (HTML)]"
  • In the dialog that shows the HTML code, select all text and copy (Crtl-C). Close the dialog.
  • Set the option for the notification to "Use specified template below"
  • In the editor toolbar, click on the button named "HTML". This opens a window showing the HTML code for the template.
  • Select all text, and paste in (Ctrl-V) the data copied from the default template. 
  • Click Update in the window to update the template description with the HTML code.
  • Save the template.

This should copy over everything from the default template to the Notification template you want to use. That can then be used as basis for your own customisation.

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