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 How can I  handle support centers for different languages? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

Separate support centers per language


If you have customers in multiple countries or want your support center available in different languages you can create multiple projects/workspaces for this, for example like we've done below. 


Knowledge Base Images/Support center/multi_lang_support_projects.PNG


In each of these support centers you will keep data and publish information in different languages, such as having a language specific start page for each language, have KB articles in different languages, discussion forums and so on...


You can then link to these support centers from your web site by using the different URL's in the "Project" --> "Support center" --> "Design" tab. 


If you want you can join these projects/workspaces into a "unified support center" (in the "General" --> "Support center") the users can choose what language they will see in a drop down on top of the screen, as you can see below.


Knowledge Base Images/Support center/multi_lang_unified_support_projects.PNG


Knowledge Base Images/Support center/multi_lang_support_center_drop_down.PNG


To handle issues/cases from all support centers centrally in one place the easiest way would be to do this by creating a filter where you show all the active issues/cases from your project and add this to your dashboard. 


In addition to the setup above, you need to set the correct locale for the users that are created, this so that the system lables, buttons and headers are presented in the correct language.


If you want the system to redirect the user to the right support center directly based on geolocation or language in browser, then this is something that you need to implement using JavaScript into the design of your support center (in "Project" --> "Support center" tab --> "Design" tab --> "Header" section). There is a lot of sample code for this available if you google on it.


One support center for all projects

In addition to having one project/workspace per language you can also have one central support center for all projects but this is more of a challenge and requires more work for you to configure


This requires that you do some programming and add the different languages directly into your support center (see "Project" --> "Support center" --> "Design"), and also that the support users have the correct Locale/language set in their user profile.


This also require that you have different data/info side by side in your support center, such as special forums, document/file structures, and different KB article structures. 

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