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The Projects panel is a sub-panel of the Navigation panel


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This panel contains a tree view containing your projects, and some project managing functions.

  • Project categories are shown as folders, and individual projects as nodes. Clicking on a project will open a tab page for that project. Note that several projects can be open at the same time!
  • New - opens the New Project tab page, from where you can create a new project.
  • Summary - clicking here will show the project summary tab, which has overviews/portfolios of your projects. 
  • Manage - a couple of important functions related to projects are found here.
    • Manage categories - Create, edit and delete project categories in this page, as well as moving projects to categories easily.
    • Show inactive projects - will show all your inactive projects in a tab page. (By default, only active projects are visible in the other project views)



Note: Use right-click on a project name to access a context menu with some useful functions:

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