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The General panel is a sub-panel of the Navigation panel.

This panel contains links to different function tabs. These are system tabs, and is always to the left in the tab list, in the order listed below.

Note: Depending on what your user group is, and what access permissions you have, you may not see all links in this list.

  • Dashboard - Opens the dashboard, a collection of useful info and functionality, allowing users to see the state of your project(s) at a glance. A good choice of start page for VisionProject.
  • Calendar - Account calendar.
  • Search - The Search/Filter tab allows users to perform complex searches to find a subset of issues of interest.
  • Users - In this tab, you can search for users by name or User group. You can do some user management here as well.  
  • Companies - The companies tab shows an overview of the customer companies (support users from your customers, and the customer companies they belong to).
  • Time - Here you can view and edit work logs (time reports).
  • Reports - A collection of statistical reports for different aspects
  • Products - A product/asset/configuration item module
  • Contracts - The place to put your purchase and sales contract
  • Timeline - A graphical timeline/Gantt for all of your projects
  • Settings - The general settings for the VisionProject account. 
  • Chat - An integrated chat module

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