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This report shows the average time issues has been spent in status

Select a project, status(optional), issue type(optional), and the time interval, and click the OK button.

This report has two "modes". 

  1. If status is selected - the generated bar chart will have the average time in that particular status group by day, week or month.
  2. If status is NOT selected- the generated will have one bar for each status, and the average time in hours on the y-axis. For example, if the height of the bar for the status 'Assigned' is 12 hours, that means an issue on average spends 12 hours in the status 'Assigned'.

Below the chart is a section showing report data details - the averages and number of issues for each bar.

Note 1: This report is based on the history of issues completed in the time frame. Open issues having the status is not counted.

Note 2: The table only shows bars and data rows for periods with data. If there were no issues having had the status 'Assigned' completed in March, then there will be no row for march when filtering on 'Assigned'.


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