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This class of portlets shows graphs or charts of some kind

The portlets have some comboboxes, usually for selection of project and time intervals. The graph/chart is not shown until these inputs are set.

There are several categories of graph portlets, which we think cover the basic needs for managing your project.

We are open to suggestions for future improvements and additions to this section. If you have an idea, feel free to contact us at


General note: The graph time interval can sometimes seem shorter than the selected interval. This is usually caused by time intervals with no data. The API we use for the graphs is fond of 'trimming' empty data at the beginning or end of the interval, adjusting the graph to the interval with actual data.

Example: you select a 6 month interval, but there is no data for the first two months (perhaps the project is only 4 months old) - then you will see the graph span the latest 4 months instead of 6 months. 

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